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The clock has hit 5pm and yet another day has passed without getting through your to-do list. You've got clients to contact, new business opportunities to research and emails outstanding. And who knows when you'll get a chance to think about your website, social media or marketing!

It's all piling up but you just can't afford to, or don't want the hassle of, taking on a permanent assistant or marketing manager. Or perhaps you do already have a team of people, but they are tied up with client work and you need someone experienced who can support you in running and marketing your business.

Does this sound like you?

Then hiring a virtual assistant could be the perfect solution. And we're here to help.

We provide time-poor entrepreneurs and businesses with premium virtual administrative and marketing support.

Our team has a broad expertise in providing premium executive administrative and digital marketing support for a range of individuals and businesses.

Our founder, Carly, has ten years' experience working for a leading global healthcare communication and medical education agency and specialises in working with those in the healthcare and creative communications sector, including PR, medical education, consultancy, advertising, digital and social, and design and motion.

Our HQ is in Kent, but working virtually means that we can support you wherever in the UK you are located.



Take a look around our website.

You'll find a bit about us, how we can help you and how much we charge. And don't forget to check out our blog, where you will find out more about how hiring a virtual assistant can help you, useful advice and top tips on all things productivity and digital marketing, and all the latest news from Keystone Virtual.

If you are interested in working with or four us please do get in touch for a chat!

Carly is the lynchpin for The Difference Collective, providing supreme leadership of our administration, organisation, marketing & social media, constantly challenging our thinking, & introducing new ideas & approaches. Every business should have a Carly!

Keystone Virtual Testimonials, Headshot of Angie Wiles
Angie Wiles Founder and Head of Collectivity, The Difference Collective

We have worked with Carly since she founded Keystone Virtual.  Carly will ask the right questions that improve our thinking & ultimately improves the output. She has supported us with slide development, social media management, quality checking of materials & much more. A gem that we wish we could keep all to ourselves.

Keystone Virtual Testimonials, Headshot of Ash Rishi
Ash Rishi MD, Couch Medical Communications

Carly has helped me by managing my Instagram account and Facebook page and I have never had so engagement plus I’ve had 4 new enquiries via google search in the last week alone! She totally understands what I need to achieve and is an important change to my business going forward.

Keystone Virtual Testimonials, Headshot of Tanya
Tanya Pascall Owner, Tanya Pascall Fitness

Carly has exemplary skills both as an Executive Assistant & a marketing expert. She is one of the most efficient people I have ever worked with – thinking & acting strategically & offering superb value.

Keystone Virtual Testimonials, Headshot of Sarah Matthew
Sarah Matthew President, Global Healthcare Practice, Golin

Carly is an excellent PR and marketing practitioner. She will always go the extra 1000 miles to get a project done and is a real pleasure to work with, which is fantastic in the high-stress world of PR!

Keystone Virtual Testimonials, Headshot of Nancy
Nancy Caravetta Joint CEO, Rebel Cause & Irwin Gail Communications

Carly is one of the most attentive, thorough and organised people I know. She excelled in her role as EA at Virgo and was massively respected due to her ability to achieve so much and to an extremely high standard.

Keystone Virtual Testimonials, Headshot of Anna Parfitt
Anna Parfitt Head of HR, Oliver Bonas

I was impressed by Carly’s independence & ability to take things on from the get go. She is detail focussed & thorough.  She truly is the best asset any team could invest in and is virtually irreplaceable!

Keystone Virtual Testimonials, Headshot of Teja
Austeja Jonusauskaite Integrated Designer

The Keystone Virtual Blog

On the blog you will find posts related to business, productivity and digital marketing, as well as all of the latest Keystone Virtual news. So grab a coffee and have a read!

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